THE CURE: Peculiar Pestilence

The Black Plague is upon us, or is it something else entirely? Can you find THE CURE?

You thought everything would be normal when your mentor left town for the week, but suddenly the people of your town started getting sick! Now it's up to you to be the apothecary you were always meant to be! (or at least, you hope you were meant to be...)

Meet with patients presenting various symptoms. Experiment with different ingredients to derive new treatments and determine the best combination of ingredients to treat symptoms. Be careful! Some combinations may do more harm than good...

As you monitor the overall health of the population, see if you can prevent rampant disease spread. Or keep everyone alive long enough for your mentor to get back and help manage the situation. Best of luck, young apothecary!


  • HUGE variety of sicknesses and symptoms for the player to treat.
  • 36+ different unique potion combinations, each with different properties!
  • An adorable apprentice plague doctor trying very hard to treat his dozens of patients.
  • Gregorian chanting from members of the team!

This game was created as part of the April 2022 Week Sauce Game Jam  with the theme: "Pick a MUSICAL GROUP you like and TURN THEIR NAME INTO THE THEME of your game."  After sharing our favorite musicians with each other, we settled on inspiration from The Cure. With such a large team, each team member worked with their own schedule to spend a maximum of 7 full workdays on the game, in addition to a weekly stand-up to check-in and set milestones.

Initial Concept: Nick O'Connell
Game Designers: Andrew Durst, Nick O'Connell, Benji Operhall
UX/UI Design: Benji Operhall

Programmers: Aeson Akhras, Julie Bodette, Shane Bergeron, Mitch Diamond, Jacob Dunbar, Jeff Johnson, Patrick Moffett

Producers: John Kisner, Noelle Mazurek

Character Artist: SJ Singh
Environmental Artist: Justin Acosta

Music Lead: Sydney Roberts
Audio Integration: Ian Riley , Alex Zahn
SFX Design: Angela Geiss
SFX Integration: Will Edmisten

UI Assets: Pixel Parchment UI Kit by The Bee's Knees

Special thanks to the GDC Conference Associate program. So CA we all! 


Download 53 MB


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Lots of fun; love the weird ailments, weirder treatments and fun sound effects!


This is a cool game!


Honestly this came out super amazing. So happy to have worked with everyone on this. I am especially into how the audio for this turned out!


Good. Osbern is dead.


Just like old times 

long live flash game


I agree, the game play is super addictive. I love the music and the sound effects, and the sprites are adorable. The limited ingredients is a nice challenge to add since you're not always sure what will cure who. Really nice game!


I'm really impressed with how simple yet addicting the gameplay is! The art style and character designs are especially really well done and looks cute! Good job to everyone who helped make this game!


I am so impressed with how wonderful this turned out! I'm so honored to be able to work together with such a fantastic group of creatives to make such a cute game. <3


This came out AMAZING! I'm so glad we were all able to come together and make such an awesome game jam game. <3

(1 edit) (+5)

This is awesome. Thanks so much for participating in the Week Sauce game jam!